Help for Shoppers

Who was at last year's Festival?

Click here for a nearly complete directory listing.  If you still can't find that special artisan, contact our office for help.

When is the Festival?

The Festival is always the third Thursday through Saturday of October.

How do I get there?

The Festival is located at 1991 Forest Hills Blvd, Bella Vista, AR 72715. GPS usually maps it really well. Double check the spelling of "Forest" if you are having trouble.

What time do you guys open?

The Festival opens at 8 and closes at 5 all three days.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately not. We do allow service animals, of course, but your pet, no matter how well behaved, has to stay home. The Festival does not own the land we use and allowing animals opens our generous sponsors to a lot of liability. Besides, it's always a bad experience when a pup lifts a leg on one-of-a-kind artwork.

You sell furniture? How do I carry that around? What if something is just really bulky?

We've got you covered! The Festival has a Large Item Pickup program to keep your hands free. Anytime an item is too large to carry around, ask your artisan to call for a pickup. You'll be given a tag and the artisan will put a tag on your item. Hang your tag on your rear view mirror on your way out of the Festival and the parking guides will wave you toward a tent where help will be waiting to load your item that's magically traveled from the artisan to the Large Item Pickup tent!

Will there be food?

Absolutely. We are very proud of our food court, filled with non-repeating vendors. Everything from classic fair food to Asian fusion is available. No two vendors feature the same type of food.

How much to get in? How much to park?

Save your money for shopping! Entrance is free and parking is $2/day. Make sure to take advantage of our tram to avoid the long walk inside.

There are over a dozen festivals that weekend in your area, why make time for the Bella Vista Arts & Crafts Festival?

Our Festival is the only full jury show left in the region. Everything is handmade and original. Because the artisans make their items, they are likely to be able to take custom orders.

We are also a non-profit event. Every Festival worker is a volunteer, from the Director to the Site Manager, all the way to the Rotarian guiding you in the parking lot. We are very proud of the amount of volunteer hours that go into the Festival and the amount of money we send back out to the community. Head to to find out more about our little group and the good we do in the community.

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