Brand new to the Festival? Haven't been in a few years? The information below explains our jury process and will help make your application successful.


The first step is to check out the guidelines to make sure the Festival is right for you. Keep in mind that we absolutely do not allow buy and sell. Festival exhibitors are defined by one of three categories:


Arts & Crafts - Artisans who do not sell food.

Edibles - Also referred to as "Cottage" by the state, this is for food meant to be taken home to finish preparing. 

Food - Fully prepared and meant to be eaten immediately.

Here are the guidelines:

Arts & Crafts




Now that you've read the guidelines, you'll need to fill out an application. If you are approved, this information will also appear in the Festival program.

You will also need to submit pictures of your products, your booth (if you have one), and a brief statement about what you do.


A picture of every color/pattern is not necessary, but every type of item is mandatory. If an item is not approved, you will be asked to remove it from your booth. Items can be added to your application throughout the year after approval.


Arts & Crafts



To help decide where you'd like your booth, check out this site map.


Once you've read the guidelines, filled out and sent an application, and submitted your pictures, you'll be part of the next scheduled jury. We understand this probably isn't the only place you've applied, so we try to make this part as quick as possible.

A jury consists of three Artisan Alliance at Wishing Spring members who will not be exhibiting at the Festival. They will check for quality and that the product is handmade.

Once the you are approved or not, you'll be notified as soon as possible. If you were successful, you'll be asked to fill out a supplemental application and make payment arrangements.

Occasionally, the artisan will be approved, but one or more items will not be. At that point, the artisan may agree to not sell the item, ask for a re-jury, or decline the rest of the approval. Contact our office if there is any confusion at any point of the process.

Additional Questions? Contact us!

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