If you have exhibited at the Festival in the past three years, you may renew without going through the full jury process. Please fill out a form from below and attach pictures of any new products you plan on selling.


Please use this form if you no longer have your renewal form from your Festival Info Packet, or if you have been at the Festival within the past three years.


Here's a copy of the guidelines:

Arts & Crafts



If you are considering changing your spot, a site map can be found here.


Because systems change, if you have not been with us since 2017, you will need to go through the complete jury system again. Head to the "New Artisans" page for updated policies and procedures.


If you are more comfortable mailing pictures, please do so. They will be scanned into the system for future reference.

The business office address is:

8862 W McNelly Rd

Bentonville, AR 72712

All application/jury fees are $30 please send a check with your application.. Welcome back!


We love new things! Any new creations do require a quick jury process. You will need to send pictures and the items will have to be individually approved.


Any items that have not been approved by Festival staff cannot be sold and will have to be removed from your space.

We understand that you create all year. New items are approved during a regular jury, regardless of when you submitted your application or renewal.

Additional Questions? Contact us!

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